Important information regarding the Global Creative Awards

At Kao Salon, we fully believe in the power of creativity. We know that as stylists, this is the very essence of who we are and what we do. It drives our passion and our profession.

One of the most important aspects of creativity is in its expression – that is why we created the Global Creative Awards – to showcase the best and most innovative creativity from within the Kao Salon Family.

Our goal was to launch the Global Creative Awards this year, even in spite of the pandemic. As we have now seen various countries and major cities push back their salon opening dates, we have made the decision to postpone the debut to 2021 so that everyone can participate, regardless of their location.

While the postponement of the Global Creative Awards is not ideal, we are planning the new debut, in 2021, with an even stronger campaign and competition because #creativityneverstops and neither do we. We look forward to bringing you more news in the coming months.



technical categories
The ultimate in technical competition.

new talent colorist of the year

Show the world that age is not a prerequisite for creative excellence. Show your talent and technical ability in this category designed for stylists with less than five years of experience.

creative colorist of the year

The ultimate color competition. Create your vision with a stunning photograph and then recreate it in the international live competition. Open to all stylists with the passion and drive to compete in the world of color.

NEWcreative haircutter of the year

Show the world your work is a cut above with this precision cutting competition. Open to all passionate haircutters. Show us your image and then compete live at the international level.

editorial categories
These are the categories you’ve been waiting for!

NEWmen’s hairstylist of the year

Show your mastery and expertise in men’s styling, barbering and grooming by creating a collection of cutting-edge men’s looks.

NEWsalon team of the year

Channel the creativity of your entire salon team. Create a collection that represents your shared vision and show the power of your team.

NEWavant garde stylist of the year

Pure unbridled creativity. Push the boundaries of conventional hairstyling and dare to inspire with your collection of visionary work.

NEWeditorial colorist of the year

Express your vision in color. Create an editorial color collection that showcases color creativity, precision and vision.