technical categories
The ultimate in technical competition

Creativity starts with a photo shoot and ends with a live technical competition. For years, the Color Zoom Challenge has inspired thousands of stylists to compete – and now it continues in an exciting new way. 
Compete first at the national level in your country. Gold winners move on to the international live competition. 

photo competition only for 2021 new talent colorist of the year 

Show the world that age is not a prerequisite for creative excellence. Show your talent and technical ability in this category designed for stylists with less than five years of experience.

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postponed until 2022

 creative colorist of the year

The ultimate color competition. Create your vision with a stunning photograph and then recreate it in the international live competition. Open to all stylists with the passion and drive to compete in the world of color.

postponed until 2022 

creative haircutter of the year

Show the world your work is a cut above with this precision cutting competition. Open to all passionate haircutters. Show us your image and then compete live at the international level.

editorial categories
These are the categories you’ve been waiting for!

Four exciting new categories of photo-only global competition that celebrate the ultimate in editorial creativity. The more creative, the better! 

Compete globally in this photo-only international competition.

NEW men’s hairstylist of the year

Show your mastery and expertise in men’s styling, barbering and grooming by creating a collection of cutting-edge men’s looks.

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NEW avant garde stylist of the year

Pure unbridled creativity. Push the boundaries of conventional hairstyling and dare to inspire with your collection of visionary work.

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NEW salon team of the year

Channel the creativity of your entire salon team. Create a collection that represents your shared vision and show the power of your team.

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NEW editorial colorist of the year

Express your vision in color. Create an editorial color collection that showcases color creativity, precision and vision.   

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Global Creative Awards: What's New | Goldwell Education Plus

entry guidelines & rules

color guidelines
  1. Matu krāsošanai drīkst izmantot tikai Goldwell produktus: Topchic, Colorance,@Pure Pigments un/vai Elumen/ Elumen Play. Visās kategorijās matus drīkst gaišināt/balināt ar Goldwell produktiem: Topchic HiBlondes Control, SilkLift un Oxycur Platin. KMS Stylecolor arī drīkst izmantot.
  2. The haircut, hairstyle and color must be in focus and easy to identify on the photo.
styling guidelines
  1. Matu veidošanai drīkst izmantot tikai ar Goldwell, Kerasilk, KMS un Oribe produktus.
  2. The haircut, hairstyle and color must be in focus and easy to identify on the photo. 
  3. Extensions, hairpieces or wigs are not allowed with the exception of the Avant Garde category. 
retouching guidelines
  1. Your photographic entry is what will be judged most critically. If you decide to retouch your photo, please consider the following: retouching minor skin or hair imperfections is certainly standard practice and allowed. Extreme retouching work to skin or hair will be taken into account by the judges and reflected in your score. 
  2. Keep in mind that your live result must look the same as your entry photo. 
  3. Excessively retouched images are very difficult to recreate in a live setting. You will be scored accordingly. 
  4. No retouching permitted on the model in the “before” image. 
  5. At the international live competition you will have to color, cut and style a model to recreate the look on your entry photograph.  
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Take the chance to show the world what a true creative does: Imagine, Create and Inspire.

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