Terms & Conditions for the participation in the 
Global Creative Awards – Technical Categories


The following competitions will be held:


Global Creative Awards - Technical Categories:

Each of these competitions will be divided into two parts: (1) Firstly, the competitions will be held as national online-based contests. (2) Next the National Gold winners of the national contests will move into the global contest- global online-based contests. (Photo Competition only)

The global gold winner of the New Talent category will be announced during the Kao Salon Virtual Experience in October 2021.


1. Sponsor and Organizer

The Sponsor of the Global Creative Awards is Kao Germany GmbH, Pfungstädter Straße 98-100, 64297 Darmstadt, Germany.

The Organizer of the national contests is the local Country Organization. The Organizer of the global contest is Kao Germany GmbH, Pfungstädter Straße 98-100, 64297 Darmstadt, Germany.



2. Eligibility

Only persons with permanent residence in [Country] who are at least 18 years of age at the date of participation and fulfill the participation requirements for one of the following categories (respectively called „Category“) are entitled to participate:


New Talent Colorist of the Year

*Must have completed an apprenticeship or fulfilled local licensing or accreditation, which certifies you as a fully qualified professional hairdresser.

** Actively purchasing Goldwell, KMS, Oribe products for professional usage and retail sales.


3. Start/End date

The period for giving notice of participation and submitting the entries for the national contest (technical categories) begins on the 1st July 2021 and ends at 00.00 GMT on 15th July 2021.



4. Participation procedure

The following guidelines, requirements and participation modes apply:

            HOW TO ENTER:

a)   Entries must be submitted to the local country via the online-form on www.globalcreativeawards.com

b)   Completed and legible entry form (full name of Colorist, e-mail address of Colorist, date of birth (with age) and Kao Account Number, name/address/e-mail-address, telephone number and URL of website of the salon)

c)   National Gold winners of the technical category will be evaluated by an online Judging.



Notwithstanding the method of participation or Category, each participant may only submit one (1) entry in the technical  category but is free to enter in any editorial category in addition.  In this connection, more than one employee from the same salon may participate in the Competition subject to the proviso that only one coloration method and only one entry per person is allowed.

The Sponsor and Organizer will not confirm receipt of the Entries. The Entries will also not be returned following the end of the Competition or in the case of disqualification of the Entry. Neither the Sponsor nor the Organizer will be liable for any loss of or damage to the Entries. The Sponsor and Organizer will furthermore not be liable for any problems resulting from mechanical, human or electronic faults or errors. Entries will only be accepted for participation upon submission of all the participation documentation, duly completed in full.

The Sponsor and Organizer reserve the right to break off or change the Competition e.g. if not enough Entries are submitted which comply with the Competition rules and Competition Restrictions.



5. Restrictions on the contents of the Entries (Competition Restrictions):

Through the submission of the application form and participation documentation, each participant confirms that his/her Entry complies with the restrictions on the contents of the Entry defined below (together referred to as „Entry Contents“) and that he/ she accepts the terms and conditions of participation. The Sponsor or Organizer may exclude any Entry and any participant from the Competition if in its due discretion it ascertains that the Entry of the participant does not comply with the following Competition Restrictions:

a)         The Entry may not contain any material, which infringes rights of third parties, in particular copyrights and rights of use, trademarks, data protection rights and personal rights or other intellectual property rights.

b)         The Entry may not damage the reputation of the Sponsor, of the Organizer or of any person associated with the advertising or management of this Competition, or the reputation of competitors of the Sponsor or Organizer.

c)         The Entry may not contain any trademark, product or company names except the trademarks and labels of the Sponsor defined below, for which the participant receives a restricted license for the exclusive purpose of the creation and submission of the Entry in this Competition.

d)         The Entry may not contain any inappropriate, disrespectful or obscene materials or any other materials, which are incompatible with the standards of public decency.

f)          The Entry may not contain any materials, which infringe applicable laws or regulations. Participants who infringe these official rules or attempt to interfere with the Competition will be disqualified. Within the scope of the Competition, the decisions of the Sponsor or Organizer, in particular on the interpretation and application of these official rules, are final and binding. Recourse to the courts is precluded.



6. Warranty in regard to legal rights
Each participant warrants through his application that

a)   the participant is the sole owner of the Entry,

b)   the Entry does not infringe any rights of third parties, in particular intellectual or industrial property rights,

c)   the Entry complies with the Competition provisions and the Competition Restrictions

d)   The participant further warrants that he/she has the consent of the Model portrayed in the Entry to use his/her name, Photo and picture etc. and the agreement of the photographer to use the picture for an unlimited period of time for the purpose of the performance and candidacy in this Competition. Upon the request of the Sponsor or Organizer, the participant must produce these consents in a form acceptable to the Sponsor and/or Organizer. The Sponsor and Organizer strongly advise participants to be sure to obtain these consents in writing before submitting the Entry.



7. Rights of use and ownership
All documentation concerning the participation, including the Entries, passes into the ownership of the Sponsor.

Upon submitting the Entry, the participant grants the Sponsor all transferable rights (e.g. ideas, concepts, designs, text/image material, promotional films, slogans, names, trademarks). The transfer of rights to the Sponsor is unlimited in terms of time and contents and in regard to the scope of use.

This transfer includes the power of the Sponsor to transfer the rights to affiliated companies for the purpose of exercising the same, and the power to pursue any infringements of rights itself. The Sponsor hereby accepts this assignment. The transfer of rights comprises in particular the rights of publication, reproduction and/or dissemination, of public rendering, of renting and loan, of broadcasting and presentation, of exhibition, archiving, of providing public access to the same, including making the same available for retrieval, of filming, of exploitation in the form of merchandising and also the rights of redesigning and adaptation. The transfer of rights further includes the use of all performances rendered in all technically known media and forms of use, in each case online and off-line, and also in any other analog or digital manner (e.g. in Internet and other online areas, in TV, cinema, radio, mobile communications, in print media and also in outdoor advertising, including the use on CD-ROM, DVD, Blu-Ray and other image/sound and data carriers). This also includes in particular the right to make the performances available via fixed and mobile communication networks and media in such manner that members of the public or closed circles of users may receive access to the performances at places and times of their choice and also use the same.

No obligation exists to exploit the rights transferred under this Contract, in particular to use an Entry publicly. The parties agree furthermore that the Sponsor is entitled but not obliged to give the names of the participants and/or originators except in so far as the parties agree to the contrary in writing.


The participant warrants that the submitted images are not older than 18 Months (on date of submission) and that there are no rights of any third party in regard to the submitted material.

Model and Photographer rights must be current.


8. Grant of rights by the Sponsor
The Sponsor grants the participants a limited, revocable and non-sub licensable right to use the name, the trademarks, labels and logos of the Sponsor (together called „Trademarks“) for the exclusive purpose of the creation and submission of the Entry for assessment and appraisal within the scope of this Competition. The participants are not entitled to use the Trademarks of the Sponsor for any other purpose.



9. Materials developed independently
The participants recognize that due to the nature of the Competition, other participants or the Sponsor, the Organizer or their affiliated companies may use ideas or concepts in their Entries or in other materials which show similarities with the ideas or concepts of the participant‘s own Entry. It is assumed that any such similarities are based on independent developments and that the participants may not derive either injunctive relief or any claims for damages therefrom.



10. Jury; Determination of the national winner

All photographs will be judged anonymously and independently – judges are unable to see the names or salon names of the entrants. All photographs are displayed by category for judging before and pre-production shots are made available to judges.

Any judge, who has an entrant in a category in their employment or have given advice to any entrant in a category, is not allowed to judge that category.

Once scores are submitted to Sponsor, they cannot be changed. Judges sign a non-disclosure agreement and are not allowed to discuss any entries.  The judges’ decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into.


Technical Categories:

In August 2021 the Entries will be assessed by a committee constituted by the Sponsor in its sole discretion consisting of qualified jurors, including independent hairdressers, journalists from the trade press and fashion experts („National Jury“). The National Jury will judge the Entries on the basis of the following equally-ranked criteria („Jury Criteria “):

The five (5) Entries in each Category most highly assessed on the basis of the Jury Criteria reach the semi-final for the national first prize („Semi-finalists “). All Entries of the Semi-finalists will be forwarded to the Sponsor for examination by a second jury („Central Jury“). The Central Jury will select one (1) national winner in each Category on the basis of the Jury Criteria. The decisions of the National and Central Juries are final and binding. Recourse to the courts is precluded.


The Jury Criteria for the Technical Categories are the following:


Find your inspiration for creative color – it can be anything!  Your inspiration can be anything you choose – no need to follow a specific trend. Your entry should show your creativity and technical ability with color.  Color creativity, harmony, balance and placement  – all things to consider when you are creating your perfect look.

Think about creating something original – not a copy of something else!  What can you imagine? 


Entries will be judged in three main categories:








·         TOTAL LOOK – 20%




Remember that this is a technical competition – everything is based on how you execute your color technique.


Your finished look should also showcase technical excellence in the cutting and styling of your model, in addition to your color story.  Everything should work together to create a harmonious effect in the final looks.


Submit your entry online at www.globalcreativeawards.com

Entries must be submitted via website.  No other form of entry will be accepted.


11. Prizes
The Central Jury will select one (1) national winner, which will receive a cash prize of €2,500,  a gold Trophy and worldwide press and editorial coverage with ESTETICA Magazine

in the New Talent Category.

The Organizer may, on a voluntary basis, decide to grant the national winners further prizes, e.g. non-cash prizes.



12. Global Judging
All participating national winners of the technical category will compete against each other in an international Competition (respectively called the „National Winners“).The international jury („International Jury“) will judge the Photo of the individual National Winners already submitted according to a point system corresponding to the Jury Criteria specified in Clause 10.


The International Jury consists of eight to twelve (8 - 12) qualified jurors who will be determined by the Sponsor in its sole discretion, and will comprise independent hairdressers, journalists from the trade press and fashion experts. Each juror may, within the scope of his/her assessment of the candidates, award up to a maximum of 200 points. The National Winner in each Category who receives the highest number of points from the International Jury is the global winner („Global Winner“) and will be awarded the title according to the Category.

13. Notification
National Winners will be notified by the Organizer in August 2021. A pre-requisite for the final award of the national prize is that the participant produces evidence of the necessary consents from all third parties in writing in accordance with Clause 6. Should it not be possible to contact a potential National Winner within five (5) calendar days following the first attempt to notify him/her, or should prizes or notifications of a prize be returned as undeliverable, or should a potential National Winner refuse his/her prize, or in the event of any infringement of these official rules and the requirements contained in the same, the prize will lapse and may be awarded to the participant who received the next highest number of points. Where a prize lapses, no claim for compensation exists.


14. Responsibility; Limitation of, indemnity against and exclusion of liability
With the submission of the participation documentation, the participants and winners undertake to indemnify the Sponsor, the Organizer and also their affiliated companies, co-operation partners, representatives, vicarious agents, legal successors, assignees, employees and staff (together called „Indemnified Persons“) from all liability for losses, material damage and personal injury and costs and expenses of any kind which the respective participant may suffer in connection with his/her preparation for, journey to or participation in the Competition, the use of the prize or involvement in any activities related to the Competition. This also applies, in so far as legally admissible, for any claims due to the alleged or actual infringement of publication rights, data protection rights, copyrights, trademark or other intellectual property rights.

In accordance with the provisions of this paragraph, the Indemnified Persons assume no liability or responsibility for any indirect or non-material damage or loss of any kind which the participants may suffer through participation in the Competition. The liability of the Sponsor and Organizer is limited to gross negligence or deliberate intent. In the event of injury to life, limb or health, the responsible party is furthermore liable in cases of ordinary negligence. In all other respects, the Indemnified Persons are only liable in so far as they are responsible for a breach of duty, the fulfillment of which makes the proper conduct of the Event possible in the first place, the breach of which jeopardizes the achievement of the purpose or upon compliance with which the participant is generally entitled to rely (cardinal duties). In this case, the liability of the party responsible is limited to the foreseeable damage typical for the nature of the contract. Liability for lost savings or other remote consequential damage is excluded. Liability for material damage and any flaws in the legal title of the prize is likewise excluded. The foregoing restrictions or exclusions of liability also apply for the personal liability of the organs, employees and vicarious agents of the responsible party.

The Sponsor assumes no liability if the Competition cannot take place or a prize cannot be awarded due to cancelations of any trips or due to any delays or interruptions, in particular as a result of force majeure, war operations, natural disasters, weather conditions, terrorism or generally all other occurrences beyond the control of the Sponsor.



15. Declaration of consent to the processing of data
With his/her participation in the Competition through the submission of the Entry, the participant and the Model give his/her consent to the collection, processing (especially but not limed to storage, alteration, transmission) and use (utilization) of his/her name, his/her address (town and federal state), likeness, Photo, picture, portrait, voice, biographical and other personal information, of the Entry and all other particulars of the participant (together „the Personal Data“) for advertising and marketing purposes by the Sponsor and Organizer without further notification or remuneration, in so far as this is legally admissible. The information and Personal Data provided by the participants are subject to electronic data processing for the purpose of the conduct of the Competition and also for marketing and advertising purposes. In regard to the processing of the Personal Data of the participant, the Sponsor and the Organizer are deemed to be joint controllers within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation. The Data Protection Officer for Germany of Kao Germany GmbH can be reached via datenschutz.de@kao.com .

The Personal Data is processed for the purpose of the Competition and for related advertising and marketing purposes; the Sponsor and the Organizer are relying on the consent of the participant and the model and on performing the Competition as legitimate interests of the as legal grounds for the processing. The Personal Data might be transfer to the parent entity of the Sponsor and the Organizer, the Kao Corporation in Japan, its IT department in the USA and each of its affiliates as necessary for the purpose of processing the data. Other recipients are e.g. suppliers and advertising agencies__________________________. All transfer of Personal Data is outside the European Economic Area is safeguarded to an adequate level of protection, especially as standard data protection clauses adopted by the European Commission. The Sponsor and the Organizer will store the Personal Data only as long as necessary for the competition. With his participation, the participant and the Model consent to the forwarding of the Personal Data by the Sponsor to the Indemnified Persons (Clause 14) and to other third parties who co-operate with the Sponsor within the scope of the management and implementation of the Competition. Should the Sponsor intend to use the Personal Data of the participants for purposes other than as stated in these official rules, it will inform the participants and, if necessary, obtain their consent.

The participants and the Models may revoke their consent to the processing of their Personal Data for the future by means of unilateral declaration without giving reasons, such revoking does not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before the withdrawl. The revocation is to be addressed to Kao Germany GmbH, Pfungstaedter Straße 98-100, 64297 Darmstadt, Germany, charlotte.bahadori@kao.com, +49 (0) 6151 3960 556 Where the consent is revoked before the end of the Competition, participation in the same is not possible. Providing the Personal Data is neither a contractual nor statutory requirement; however, a participation in the Competition is not possible without providing the Personal Data.

The participant and the Model have the following rights towards the Sponsor and Organizer: the right to access to and rectification or erasure of personal data or restriction of processing concerning their Personal Data and to object to processing as well as the right to data portability. Further on, the participant and the Model have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority. Neither the Sponsor nor the Organizer use automated decision-making.



16. Legal disputes; Applicable law; Third parties

All disputes arising from or in connection with the participation in the Competition or its conduct are governed by:

a)         the law of xy(insert city and country of the national country organization) for the national Competition

b)         the law of the Federal Republic of Germany for the global Competition. The court venue is Darmstadt, Germany.